Come Together Table

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Created by

Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Designer Inspiration

Come Together is an innovative portable lamp, that delivers a perfect light with 16 hours of operation without being connected to a wall power. The lamp features a simple USB charging port and a Li-On rechargeable battery inside. It delivers three different light performances with a very high efficiency of 85%.1,2 W - 400 lx - 16 hours battery life2,4 W - 700 lx - 8 hours battery life3,6 W - 1000 lx - 4 hours battery lifeThis lightweight lamp can be easily transported as needed and fits comfortably in hand.

The body is composed of a transparent optical device with a gradient pattern to help carry and distribute light. Available in three colorways: polished copper, white, or polished aluminum. Come Together brings together lightness, optical intelligence, and sophisticated design in a new, 2.0 revolution of portable, rechargeable, LED light.3 colors available: Copper, Aluminum, White

  • Materials

    -Transparent body in methacrylate with prismatic inner surface
    -Internal Shell in die-cast aluminum
    -Max illuminance 1000 lm on task area
    -Three different light performances
    -16hours battery life. Charging time 3 hours. Charging cycles 1000
    -(Lithium) Li-On rechargeable battery
    -USB port
    -Smart portability (460g)

    -Transparent body in methacrylate with prismatic inner surface-Internal Shell in die-cast aluminum-Max illuminance 1000 lm on task area-Three different light performances-8 hours battery life. Charging time 3 hours. Charging cycles 1000-(Lithium) Li-On rechargeable battery-USB port-Smart portability (460g)


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